Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What is your Body Décor-ating Style? Take this Quiz and find out!

  1. At a new restaurant, do you
    1. choose a dish you like in other restaurants?
    2. ask what other diners are ordering?
    3. ask the waiter for a recommendation?
    4. select a dish you’ve never heard of?
    5. choose your food by color?
  1. When imagining the ideal vacation, do you see yourself
    1. relaxing in a favorite place?
    2. going somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit?
    3. going to a place you’ve heard about recently?
    4. setting off with no destination?
    5. taking off blindfolded with a water bottle and a bedroll?
  1. Your friends ask what you’d like for the ultimate birthday-night celebration. You describe:
    1. the best seats in the house for an acclaimed production, followed by dinner at a four-star restaurant.
    2. finding a club with great music and letting it envelop you.
    3. a treasure hunt — the treasure is the hottest man (or woman) sighted and snapped with a cell phone during the evening.
    4. playing paintball — and then, still paint-y, crashing a club or bowling alley.
    5. an Arabian adventure with an unknown sheik in a hidden oasis...
  1. In your dream-life as a performer, you are:
    1. completing the 32 fouettés as the lead in Swan Lake with the Kirov Ballet.
    2. walking the high wire in a circus act, as the audience suspends their breathing.
    3. mesmerizing the audience as a Middle Eastern belly dancer.
    4. fantastically costumed and spreading the Carnival spirit in the Mardi Gras parade.
    5. a performance artist, in an adventure in absurdity.

Your Style:
did you answer mostly a?
Start leisurely; Splash Out with a pair of way-cool earrings!

mostly b?
Choose a funky bracelet, to go with your way-cool earrings! Get a necklace converter, too, to wear your bracelet as a necklace!

mostly c?
Your arms are lo-o-o-o-onging for a bracelet — Each!

mostly d?
Earrings! Necklace! Bracelets on both arms! — Now your ankles are feeling a bit naked . . .

mostly e?
You are Too Wild for our Regular offerings — contact us to Get Decorated to The Max!

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kiwicarole said...

Hahaha, this is too funny! Very clever! Bring it on!