Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank you, thank you!!

I have been appallingly lax about posting, spending my time and words on FaceBook! I’ve promised, repeatedly, to mend my ways, but without success.

Something new and unexpected has happened, though, that suggests I will have a better record now — I have resigned my day-job, leaving much more time for creativity and self-expression!

I hope you will join me in Celebrating my new-found freedom, and encouraging me to post more than once a year! Thanks!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New site is now under construction!

Yes! As astonishing as it seems, is about to rise from its ashes! Currently “Coming Soon”, the new site will, I hope, be everything the old one was not: user friendly, quick, and FUN!!

Here in sunny SoCal for the next seven months, I am using my Solar Powers for Good, working into the evenings to bring you the funnest eco-conscious jewelry site evar! Look for way coolio funky kool jools comin’ at you soon!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Funky Valentine’s Putti -- bearing Beer

This Valentine’s necklace & earrings set of putti (or cherubs) bearing beer is made from beer bottlecaps, vintage chains, luscious orange heishi, and vintage rhinestones from an Indian dancing set.

This was Way Fun to make, and I will be adding other Beer-Love Jewelry soon!

Also coming, Wine-Love Jewelry!

Oh how embarrassing...

My wonderful art-friend Lori Zimmermann has lovingly directed folks who saw pix of the amazing Funky bracelet I made for her to this blog.

But, um...I have sadly neglected this poor blog for an entire Year!

Many apologies to all who arrive expecting to see new stuff! And, Lori, thanks for the kick in the butt! I will put up new stuff TODAY.